Meeting point for students
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Located in the center of Copenhagen by Rundetårn, Studenterhuset is the meeting point for students from across all of University of Copenhagens faculties.

The cafe’s doors open at eight in the morning when students stop to grab a fresh coffee and croissant on their way to classes, or gather to study in our upstairs study halls.

The café is always lively, with a constant flow of students from nearby UCPH campuses. Guests can participate in the many activities and events that Studenterhuset hosts or just relax with a cup of coffee.

In the evening the café transforms into an exciting venue and bar, with live music, dancing and events like International Night, where students from all over the world come to mingle.

If Studenterhuset is the heart and soul of University of Copenhagen, then the student volunteers are its lifeblood. As part of its goal to foster an international student community, most of the café’s events such as science slams, political debates, academic workshops or even international parties like the Superbowl celebrations are planned and organized by volunteers. The café’s staff is also driven by student volunteers, including bartenders, photographers and more. All students are encouraged to participate, with a special focus on international students and global-minded Danes.

Find us at booth #33