Museum of Copenhagen
Museum of Copenhagen
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The Museum of Copenhagen wishes to kindle a desire for knowledge of the city, its past, present and future, by stimulating public curiosity and delight in discussing matters concerning the capital. The Museum aims hereby to present Copenhagen as a modern metropolis with a living, dynamic, relationship to its cultural heritage and to provide access to, and a sense of ownership towards, the cultural heritage of the capital.

Through a number of new communication initiatives, situated both outdoors around the city and within the museum building, the museum participates in contemporary discourse on the ever changing nature of the city and its inherent plurality while contributing to the communication thereof.

While emphasising upon the citizens’ own voices as part of the narrative on Copenhagen, groups and individuals, formerly underrepresented in the cultural life of the city are now being included within the city’s communities. The museum employs traditional methods such as exhibitions, guided tours, teaching and walking tours of the city along with the newest electronic technologies in communicating with the citizens of Copenhagen and other interested parties.

Find us at booth #12+13