Kultur Christianshavn – Islands Brygge
Kultur Christianshavn – Islands Brygge
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Culture Christianshavn – Islands Brygge consist of:

  • Islands Brygge Culture House
  • Islands Brygge Library
  • Christianhshavn’s Library
  • and Hal C.

Islands Brygge Culture House is one of the most active and diverse cultural venues in Copenhagen. We host more than 400 culture events, meetings, conferences and parties every year and we’re very fortunate to have one of the nicest views in town looking over the waterfront. Several associations and organizations organize their own cultural events, ranging from concerts, jazz nights, tango nights, dance shows, comedy shows, flea markets to theater, gymnastics, and afrozumba for children, etc.
Website: http://kulturogfritid.kk.dk/kulturhuset-islands-brygge
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KulturhusetIslandsBrygge?ref=hl

Islands Brygge Library is Copenhagen’s smallest public library based on square meters, but attendance wise it is midsize compared to other libraries. The popularity is due to our extended opening hours (7 pm – 00pm everyday) and our great location. The dedicated staff is also around for most of the day. We organize events for children such as a free Saturday Film Club and every last thursday of the month, aspiring writers read their material to an audience down in the dark basement along with candle light, wine and a DJ in the break.
Website: https://bibliotek.kk.dk/node/8173
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Islands-Brygge-Bibliotek/190092704334210?fref=ts

Besides books of course, Christianshavn’s Library has a small and intimate cinema that hosts a film club once a month and reading groups. The library also has an expert librarian in board- and video games and once a year you can attend the Christianshavn Book Fair where some of Denmark’s most prominent and interesting writers do readings from their work.
Website: https://bibliotek.kk.dk/node/7820
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Christianshavns-Bibliotek/179421198837121?fref=ts

Hal C is a multi-functional sport- and culture venue situated on the beautiful Arsenal Island. You can play everything from floor ball to handball and if you wish to organize a workshop or a conference, you can rent our very functional meeting room from where you have a view to the Opera, The Marble Church (Marmorkirken) and The Royal Danish Playhouse.
Website: http://kulturogfritid.kk.dk/hal-c

Find us at booth #11