Københavns Sport Stacking Klub
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In KSSK we stack special designed cups in pyramids and stack them down again. If possible we use both arms and we are standing up.

You can stack against yourself, which means the timer in front of you or you can compete against others.
There are different categories and some are difficult and some are very easy to learn.
An easy 3-3-3 can be obtained in a minute or two.
All ages are represented. We train individual and some are making relay teams of 4 people.
We are in gym 23 at Skolen på Islands Brygge every Sunday from 12 pm. To 2 pm. (two hours).

If You want to be a part of KSSK, as Trainer, Referee or as a Stacker, please contact kbhssk@gmail.com or look us up at www.thekssk.dk or https://www.facebook.com/groups/thekssk
Chairman: Ann-Berit Klingenberg. Phone: +45 30 57 86 66
Contact person: Kim Würtz. Phone: +45 20 71 22 71

Find us at booth #30