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Copenhagen Rowing Club, KR, founded in October 1866, is one of the oldest rowing clubs in Denmark. The club has during the years been located in the Copenhagen inner harbour and since 1941 at the same address in Tømmergravsgade. Ever since the start KR has been a frontrunner in the Danish as well as in the Copenhagen sporting life.

Today Copenhagen Rowing Club is the second largest club counting more than 500 members. KR has a very vivid club life the year around. From late March to late October we are out on the water and during the winter we keep up the good shape by indoor rowing in ergometers and with fitness.

The Members: Copenhagen Rowing Club has an active group of racing rowers bringing home medals to Denmark. A bunch of youngsters, who sometimes more or less lives in the club while they practice their sport. The greatest part is senior and senior+, who rows out early in the morning or after work or in the weekend. A special branch for physically disabled is under establishment.

The Clubhouse: With a new extension of 400 m2 opened in 2011, the Copenhagen Rowing Club has today a modern clubhouse with a large boathouse, a fitness centre with ergometers for indoor rowing, an indoor basin for training of newcomers as well as more skilled rowers and several halls for exercising and partying. KR has both male and female members and we provides modern bathing, sauna and changing facilities for each sex.

The Club Life: Every Thursday after the rowing session the members can meet for dinner made by volunteers. In addition several feasts and parties take place during the year. In KR there is thus sport, life, laughter and lots of activities the day and year around. This mixture creates the good KR spirit.

The Sport: Rowing can be practised lifelong. Most muscle groups are activated. You get a lot of fresh air; learn to read the wind and the water current and to cope with difficult situations arising when you are out in a boat. Rowing is a team sport stimulating collaboration and empathy. Several of the rowers are educated as cox and instructors. They have the responsibility for the teams in the boat and for supervising the new members.

Come and visit us! Copenhagen Rowing Club invites you to visit us in club to see for yourself the clubhouse, the boathouse with lots of different boat types and all our other facilities. KR can offer you a membership, which in addition to a good team sport also gives you the opportunity to meet the Danes and establish a good network. To minimize the cost and according to Danish tradition KR has no employees but is run entirely by volunteers. Members are thus expected to take active part in the maintenance of boats and the house, often organized on a working weekend.

Find us at booth #8