Global Copenhagen
Global Copenhagen
Music venue in Nørrebro
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The music venue Global Copenhagen in Nørrebro presents bands and artists from all around the world. Here you can experience Latin American cumbia, Nigerian afrobeat, Balkan brass and a wide variety of other international musical styles, ranging from acoustic folk music to electronic fusion.

Global occupies a unique place in the cultural life in Copenhagen being the only venue in the city, and one of the few in Europe, solely dedicated to world music. Among other things, the venue has been recommended in the New York Times’ guide “36 hours in Copenhagen”. One of Europe’s leading world music bookers, who is also booking for the Roskilde Festival, is in charge of the programming and no matter the style of music, one can always expect high-quality concerts.

Furthermore, Global Copenhagen is a non-profit organization with a dedicated team of volunteers, who make sure everything runs smoothly when the music is on.

Find us at booth #16