Copenhagen Volunteers
Copenhagen Volunteers
Volunteer corps
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Cph Volunteers is a volunteer corps for all of Copenhagen.

The corps was established as part of the efforts in preparing Copenhagen for the competent management of big international events, part of which a coordinated voluntary workforce is a crucial condition.

By assisting Copenhagen in the hunt for more great events, we participate in boosting Copenhagen as an international host, as a vibrant and exiting city for the citizens of Copenhagen to live in, and as a great international capital for studying and working, with a social network for students and expats.

Cph Volunteers supports event organizers, for whom the use of a voluntary workforce, in – and for – Copenhagen, is crucial for the execution of their event. Equally important, the event must be a big event, preferably international, and municipally supported, for instance through local funds, operating, facilities or cooperation.

We do not support events of entirely commercial nature, nor do we support campaigns with exclusively political or humanitarian purposes. Each inquiry is treated based on several criteria, emphasizing the importance of the event for Copenhagen as host city.

As a volunteer at Cph Volunteers you will not only meet a lot of nice and interesting people. You will also gain many useful qualifications. As a volunteer you learn to form a sharp overview, you’ll get good at managing stressfull and busy situations, you’ll gain experience with public relations and service and your communication and language skills will be challenged and improved.

Find us at booth #37