Copenhagen Art School
Copenhagen Art School
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Copenhagen International Art School is a foundation school for Art and Writing.

Our aim is to provide an outstanding education in Contemporary Art and Writing that can serve as a foundation for further studies, or for an individual practice.

We have a long-standing tradition for encouraging diversity, individual expression, and independent thinking.

Our students are people who wish to work seriously with their art or writing practice. Many of our alumni have been accepted to renowned programs, art schools or academies in Denmark and around the world.

We offer a strong social context where the school’s facilities, whether it’s your studio-space or a classroom, become the central spot for dialogue and exchange between students and tutors, and between national and international students.

Our program offers both long and short-term courses: 1-2 year Foundation Courses in Art and Art-Writing or shorter courses and workshops that are 4-12 weeks long.

Occasionally, we design courses or events for private businesses. The structure of our longer courses is flexible and can be structured on an individual basis.

Our tutors are all experienced, professional artists, writers, or art-theoreticians with acclaimed professional and academic backgrounds. The school normally has about 60 students between the Art and Art Writing courses.

We have 6 permanent tutors and several visiting tutors, from both Denmark and abroad.

Our school was established in 1971. We adopted the name Copenhagen Art School in 2011, and became the school that we are today. Our current location by the lakes of central Copenhagen places us in close proximity to the city’s museums, galleries and other cultural spaces.

Find us at booth #17